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"Why don't you act like a human being and sit up front with the rest of us."
- Nobel Laureate Herb Simon's first words to Jim Rose at a Carnegie Mellon lecture on learning foreign languages.

Expresso Ristretto, AKA The Kanji Cross-Reference Tool, provides a convenient way to study kanji using multiple texts at the same time. By being able to quickly cross-reference characters across texts on-the-fly, the student can effortlessly pool together information on stroke order diagrams, kanji etymology, and see example vocabulary words from a number of sources. For example, if you were studying the kanji by reading The Kanji Way to Japanese Language Power, you could practice speaking the words in Crowley's book,look up the meaning behind the shape in Ken Henshall's A Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters (Tuttle language library), look up the stroke order diagram to practice your calligraphy of the character in Jack Halpern's The Kodansha Kanji Learner's Dictionary, and look up more example words to study the contribution of the kanji to various words in The Learner's Japanese Kanji Dictionary (Bilingual Edition).

Begin by selecting the text you are using, and then the 1st Kanji you plan to study. Hit the display button, and a list of the next characters in the book will show, along with their index number in several other books. Use the other books that you own to continue studying the kanji from multiple perspectives simultaneously. The text imaging proxy can be used if your browser is having trouble processing Japanese. You can also control the number of kanji shown at one time, and their font size. The Next and Back buttons make it simple to cruise forward and backward through the primary book to see more cross-references.

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