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Kanji Stroke Order Diagrams 「漢字筆順」
1,654 Free PNG Images and GIF Animations
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SOD and SODA License Agreement
as of July 24, 2007 modified on January 1, 2012 - 3rd Public Release

The first LIMITATION of the license below is no longer required for the set of 1,654 SODs and SODAs, but recommended.

These diagrams exist because of an enormous effort and at great personal sacrifice in terms of time and income of several persons. Ownership of these diagrams is not taken lightly, nor should the privilege of their free use be taken lightly. The benefits of using these diagrams comes with the responsibility of compliance with this license. Your responsible use makes future public release of larger collections tenable.

Each new public release of diagrams from the SODER project has its own unique grant of license. With increasing investments of time and money into the project, this most recent grant of license intends to make more clear to the public how to freely use the diagrams while protecting owner's copyright. This license applies to the public release of the archive whose members constitute 1,654 GIF89a formatted stroke order diagram animations (SODAs) and 1,654 PNG formatted static stroke order diagrams (SODs). This release of the 1,654, supplants and replaces the experimental public release of the first 500 SODs and 500 SODAs created by the Stroke Order Diagram Editor-Retrographer (SODER), and also replaces the public release which followed containing 1,000 SODs and 1,000 SODAs. You should completely replace the older sets with this new one. Many of the 1,000 previously released SODs and 1,000 SODAs have been reedited and improved.

Please note that this license does not apply to PRINT MEDIA or commercial use. You MUST have a commercial license to use these diagrams in any product which you will sell or otherwise financially benefit from. Rolomail Trading, James Rose, and The Kanji Cafe specifically reserve the exclusive right to use these diagrams in books or other printed media sold to the public unless you have explicit permission, or a commercial license. Commercial license will be granted inexpensively, so do not hesitate to inquire. For example: Permission has been granted to one publisher to use no more than 4 of the diagrams in a book at no cost as the book deals with Japanese teaching methods. Permission to use 177 of the diagrams was denied to a book author whose work was devoted to teaching Japanese kanji because he has yet to pursue a commercial license for use with the book he was writing despite the book being a commercial project. If you see these diagrams being used on the web or in a book, and do not see the name of the person or organization/ website using the diagrams listed here, they are not otherwise authorized, and we would appreciated being notified.

License is hereby granted to use these 1,654 Stroke Order Diagrams (SODs) and or 1,654 Stroke Order Diagram Animations (SODAs) on websites or in offline, non-commercial software such as free-ware, subject to each of these SIX specific LIMITATIONS:

  1. YOU MUST PROVIDE A LINK TO YOUR WEBSITE, or software product which intends to use the diagrams, which then must appear on public display at the license page at www.kanjicafe.com/license.htm before your use is legal and compliant. Use of the 3rd public release of 1,654 kanji is unauthorized unless you have provided valid link information to KanjiCafe.com and it is subsequently on public display. To have your website linked to from the license page, and thereby comply with the license agreement, send the URL of your site or product to "jim (at) kanjicafe.com". If you are upgrading from the 2nd public release of 1,000 kanji, you must comply with this limitation (1) before using the new 1,654 kanji set.

    (This provision has been added to help familiarize the public with products and websites which make use of the project's SODAs and SODs in a legal manner, as well as to help promote legal use of the diagrams and animations in accordance with this license.)

  2. All web sites using these Kanji Stroke Order Diagrams or Stroke Order Diagram Animations must provide a link back to the License page www.kanjicafe.com/license.htm FROM ANY PAGE DISPLAYING ONE OR MORE OF THE DIAGRAMS OR ANIMATIONS. Software must contain either a web link, or the URL of KanjiCafe.com displayed concomitant with the display of any SOD or SODA.
  3. The attribution on the diagrams may not be altered, removed, or concealed. It must be displayed along with any display of the SOD or SODA.
      - Each SOD has the attribution "(c) KanjiCafe.com".
      - Each SODA has the attribution "(c) KanjiCafe".
      - Special archives may have other, similar attributions.
  4. These diagrams and animations may never be sold, nor bundled in any product being sold without first obtaining a commercial license. They are not yours to sell. If you sell them, you must have a commercial agreement with the Rolomail Trading.
  5. You may not use either the SODs or SODAs to create derivative diagrams or animations nor alter the diagrams.
  6. Anyone redistributing this particular set of 1,654 diagrams or animations must include an exact copy of this particular grant of license.


Where in previous releases it would have been appreciated if anyone using the first 1,000 SODs or SODAs as a courtesy would have notified Jim Rose at jim(at)kanjicafe.com, with the 3rd public archival release of the first 1,654 completed SODs and SODAs, it is now a license requirement in compliance with limitation (1).

Many of stroke order diagrams in this current release are the only kanji stroke order diagrams available for that particular kanji to the general public. i.e., there is no reference with which to dispute the joint opinion of the artist and editor. In each case the artist and editor have referenced other kanji diagrams which contain the same radical elements, and are backed up by known public references to ensure accurate depictions of the correct order.

The SODER project's goal is to create SODs for each of the 6,353 kanji in JIS X 0208-1990. The SODs are used to automatically create SODAs. In choosing which kanji to work on for these first 1,654 there has been no attempt to encompass any particular well defined subset of chinese characters. However, they are all from the more "important" 1/3rd of the JIS X 0208-1990 set. Note that none of the kanji in this release exceed 15 strokes. We plan to make another, larger public release of new diagrams and animations at the milestones of every 500 characters, or 12 public releases before the final set is published. This is the 3rd public release.

Each SOD diagram is in PNG format and each SODA animation is in GIF89a format. Both are named by the kanji, in this form:


and . . .


These archive files are named by the kanji encoded as either EUC-JP (Linux, FreeBSD, etc.) or Unicode (Mac OS X):

EUC-JP Encoded File Names:

Unicode Encoded File Names:

These archives have files named by the hex code for the kanji encoded as EUC-JP (Linux, FreeBSD, etc.), Unicode (Mac OS X), Japan Information Standard or JIS (mostly in Japan), and Shift-JIS (Windows).



All rights to these diagrams and animations are retained by James Rose, the KanjiCafe.com, and the Rolomail Trading.

Thanks for your cooperation,

Jim Rose

© 2003-2012 James Linden Rose, Kingdom of Hawai'i