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Internet Computed Exercise • Multifarious Ordinary Compounds Highly Advanced
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Genus: ICE (Internet Computed Exercise)
Species: MOCHA (Multifarious Ordinary Compounds, Highly Advanced)

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Ice Mocha Song:

I'm so thirsty I could cry
I'm so tired I could die
Where's the Mocha?
Where's that Mocha now tell me boy?

All the kanji cross my eye
There's so many I must try
Where's my Mocha?
Whatcha mean you don't know?

If I only had a drink
I could come back from the brink
With my Mocha
ah ha, ah ha

I've been writing code all day
I don't have no time to play
I want my Mocha ya'll
I want my Ice Mocha now!

Can't you see who I might be?
I don't need irreverency
I need my Mocha
Yeah, ah ha

Thank you for ordering an Ice Mocha at the Kanji Café. Your refreshment is coming right up. Let's get started shall we?

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