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"Why don't you act like a human being and sit up front with the rest of us."
- Nobel Laureate Herb Simon's first words to Jim Rose at a Carnegie Mellon lecture on learning foreign languages.

Features the hit single
Its a Japanese language learning tool from a higher plain of spiritual existence. Create & drill Japanese vocabulary lists while reading from over 160,000 real Japanese sentences: each with its own translation and glossary! On-the-fly Kanji look-up, yomigana on-off toggle, automated... over 1,600 Stroke Order Diagrams! Choose words from the built in 116,000 word dictionary, the Yomiuri Shinbun, by priority, from the Japanese Language Proficiency Test... and search kanji by multi-radical technique.

Expresso Ristretto
AKA the Kanji Cross-Reference Tool which allows you to simultaneously look-up kanji in multiple reference texts. A great time saver for studying the same character in multiple ways and really digging in deep.

How to Use Expresso
I think it explains the obvious, but sometimes its late at night, you're bills are late, the boss is threatening to fire you and replace you with his Russian mail order bride, and there just isn't time to grasp the obvious. You need someone to spell it out for you. I've tried to explain how one uses the Kanji Cross-Reference Tool, Expresso Ristretto as best one can from an HTML editor.

SOD and SODA License Agreement
(Note: If you are speaking a British variant of English, "license" is the American spelling of "licence".) Download and use any of 1,654 kanji stroke order animations or diagrams on your web page with this simple license.
漢 字 食 堂

kradfile-u (Unicode)
A file containing the radical decomposition of 13,108 Japanese characters created via a merger of kradfile, kradfile2, and 952 new decompositions. In 2007 Jim Rose published the EUC-JP encoded "kradfile2", the 5,801 JIS x 0212 kanji companion to Professor Jim Breen's kradfile, itself a 6,355 JIS x 0208 kanji file of radical decompositions used by the world's "search by multi-radical" programs and websites. KanjiCafe.com's release of the new 13,108 Unicode encoded kanji radical decomposition file greatly enhances the power of kanji search tools around the world.

Katakana Tutorial (PDF) | Katakana Chart (PDF) | Hiragana Chart (PDF)
Downlowad a chart of the katakana syllabary with romaji readings, and a chart of the hiragana syllabary, both in PDF format.

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